World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal

The World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal provides access to climate and climate-related data

The World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal (CCKP) is intended to provide quick and readily accessible climate and climate-related data to policy makers and development practitioners. Its focus is on adaptation and development, but increasingly also incorporating aspects of mitigation. Its audience is broad and includes national level policy makers, in-country donors, development practitioners, and technical experts. The CCKP provides structured access to a comprehensive set of quality data, knowledge and analysis tools on climate change, using both World Bank and external sources. It is a tool for integrating environmental issues, green development, disaster risk management, and climate change in the development context. Data include global historical trends and long-term projections aggregated at different spatial and temporal resolutions, and are provided through various state-of-the-art GIS visualizations that displays and synthesize spatial data on climate and disaster risk data, impact maps, socio-economic data and mitigation efforts. The Portal is entirely internet-based. 


No training required
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Up to two weeks, depending on individual needs

Accessing the tool

Online: Online
Ana E. Bucher/ Habiba Gitay (
+1 202 458 5249

Climate Change Unit, Environment Department
The World Bank
1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433

Adaptation data and information tools

Emphasise tools for climate adaptation that provide data and information to users, for e.g. climate impact data.

Adaptation knowledge sharing tools

Share climate adaptation-specific knowledge increasingly through Web 2.0 functionality and user-generated content.

Area of focus
Adaptation 3, Mitigation 1, Development 3

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