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weADAPT is an online ‘open space’ on climate adaptation issues (including the synergies between adaptation and mitigation) which allows practitioners, researchers and policy makers to access credible, high quality information and to share experiences and lessons learnt with the weADAPT community. It is designed to facilitate learning, exchange, collaboration and knowledge integration to build a professional community of practice on adaptation issues, while developing policy-relevant tools and guidance for adaptation planning and decision-making.

Our Knowledge Base contains over two thousand articles and case-studies which are organised by theme, network, or project for ease of navigation. A unique semantic tagging system allows users' homepages to be customised with suggested content from the Knowledge Base which is tailored specifically to their own interests.

Adding your own content to weADAPT is a short and intuitive process, but if you are short on time, you can always use our QuickShare tool. Once you have submitted your content for review, it is passed on to an expert in the main thematic area you associated your work with, who will then either publish your work online or email you for more information.

Our Adaptation Layer has been updated with many new features including a new Google Maps interface which is more navigable for user's with low-bandwidth internet access and contains hosts downscaled, station-level climate data from Africa and Asia which is the product of a collaboration with the Climate Systems Analysis Group at the University of Cape Town. For 10-step guidance on how to use this data within your projects, please click here.


Simple browsing requires no training, and use of all weADAPT functionality is likely to require no more than a few hours.
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Using the tool: No cost
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A few minutes for basic browsing. Slightly longer for contributing content. Or can also be done straighaway using their QuickShare tool (English | Spanish), a simple an online form.

Accessing the tool

Online: Requires Google Earth plug-in for Adaptation Layer
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Sukaina Bharwani (sukaina.bharwani@sei-international.org) or Michael Rastall (michael.rastall@sei-international.org)
Adaptation knowledge sharing tools

Share climate adaptation-specific knowledge increasingly through Web 2.0 functionality and user-generated content.

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