UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

A step-based tool to help organisations adapt to climate change

The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is a tool to help organisations adapt to climate change. Through a 5-step process it helps users to assess organisational vulnerability to current climate and future climate change; identify options to address key climate risks; and develop and implement a climate change adaptation strategy. Each stage of the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is supported by additional information, tools and resources available from UKCIP, which have been specifically designed to help organisations plan how to adapt. The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard recognises adaptation as a continuous, iterative process rather than an end point to be reached.


There are no specific training requirements. Case studies of how the Wizard has been used in other organisations can be found on the UKCIP website.
Using the tool: Access to the online and downloadable versions of the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard are free. In-depth support in using the toolkit can be discussed with the UKCIP team.
Time needed:
Depends on the nature and needs of the organisation.

Accessing the tool

Online: Available online at
Adaptation assessment and process guidance tools

Aid adaptation decision processes; evaluate the tool's effectiveness and efficiency, including which policy cycle stage it can be used in.

Area of focus
Adaptation 3, Mitigation 0, Development 0


For global use