TNA Assess

Assesses climate change mitigation, adaptation and development benefits using a multi-criteria framework

The tool is developed to support TNA processes on a national or regional level. The main audiences of the tool are national policy makers and private sector decision makers, but also technical experts or in-country donors can benefit from the tool. The tool prioritises technology options with the highest combined climate and development benefits. It aims to supports decision making on technology options based on a multi criteria analysis. 

TNA Assess has been used in Montenegro, Nepal and Cuba.


One day: training session (half day) plus a trial run by users (half day)
If a trained facilitator has to be hired from elsewhere, then costs could be in the area of 500-2000 USD/day
Using the tool: The tool itself can be used freely, assuming that an internal facilitator has been trained
Time needed:
One or two days depending on the complexity of the decision context, e.g. a sector or a country.

Accessing the tool

Online: Tool designed in MS Excel
English, French, Spanish
Technology Needs Assessments

Survey to provide data to assess the need for technology in specific areas or regions.

Area of focus
Adaptation 2, Mitigation 2, Development 2

Published by:

Joint Implementation Network (JIN)


For global use