Non-Annex 1 Marginal Abatement Cost curve (NAMAC-ECN)

Identifying options for climate change mitigation and calculation of the mitigation costs

The ECN NAMAC curve tool provides information on the cost of many mitigation options for non-Annex 1 countries. The opportunities for emission reductions included in the MAC-curve take into account the investments and associated costs. A marginal abatement cost curve states the specific costs of mitigation of the different options. It presents how much tCO2-emissions can be abated per specific option and thereby the amount of money it will cost or save you per tCO2. The curve tool compiles its results from bottom-up country studies, to provide information on existing MAC-curves as opposed to creating new ones.



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Time needed:
0-2 weeks (for gathering data from the website)

Accessing the tool

Online: Online
Lachlan Cameron
Assessment of mitigation / resource potential

Assess broad mitigation options such as CO2 emissions reduction and renewable energy resource potentials such as wind energy.

Area of focus
Adaptation 0, Mitigation 3, Development 1

Published by:

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands


For use in Asia, Africa, Latin America