McKinsey GHG abatement cost curve

Identifying options for climate change mitigation and calculation of mitigation costs

McKinsey & Company’s GHG abatement cost curve tool provides information on the abatement potential, cost and required investment of over 200 mitigation options with the possibility of various levels of granularity. The cost curve presents the technical potential of emissions abatement per specific mitigation option and the associated cost per tCO2e saved, taking into account the required up-front investments and associated operating costs of each option. A national or regional cost curve is developed in a project with McKinsey with the involvement of a high number of local stakeholders and experts. Each project includes substantial awareness raising and capacity building on mitigation. McKinsey’s Climate Desk is a web-based subscription service for the global GHG abatement cost curve. Over 100 academics and other experts have been granted a free license to the tool.



Special training is required that will take 8 days or more.
Using the tool: USD$2000+
Time needed:
2-4 months

Accessing the tool

Online: Global Assessment: Online via Climate Desk; national GHG project only via McKinsey
Sebastian Schienle
Assessment of mitigation / resource potential

Assess broad mitigation options such as CO2 emissions reduction and renewable energy resource potentials such as wind energy.

Area of focus
MACC: Mitigation 0, Adaptation 3, Development 0


For global use