LEDS framework and toolkits

Provides support for the development and implementation of Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS)

The LEDS framework and toolkits supports the creation and implementation of country-driven, analytically rigorous low emission development strategies (LEDS). Building on a review of similar methodologies and LEDS experiences internationally, it provides a generalised framework to guide countries through the development of LEDS. It provides toolkits for the various stages of the LEDS process. Toolkits currently available include: Transportation Toolkit, Land-Use Toolkit, Renewable Energy Technical Potential Toolkit, Energy Modeling Toolkit, and Energy Efficiency Assessment Toolkit. LEDS will enable countries to transition to low carbon economic development resulting in sustained growth in employment and investment, increased financial flows through carbon markets, reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and other socioeconomic and environmental benefits. The LEDS framework and toolkits are available on the OpenEI platform – http://openei.org/LEDS. This wiki platform allows users to add information and tools to the site that are used for various low emissions development planning activities. The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, with funding from the US Agency for International Development and the US State Department, continues to develop the LEDS framework and toolkits as new information becomes available.





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Low Emission Development Strategies

Method to effect measures that can help reduce emissions, and thereby mitigate climate change.

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