Green, Low-Emission Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (Green LECRDS)

Provides support for the development of climate change mitigation and adaptation scenarios

UNDP’s technical and financial services for preparing Green, Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (Green LECRDS) strengthen the capacity of national and sub-national governments to transform their development path to a low-emission and ecologically sustainable future.  UNDP works with partner countries and UNDP Country Offices to design and implement projects addressing the following three Signature Programmes:

  • SP 1 – Supporting Integrated Climate Change Strategies: supports national and sub-national governments  to develop and strengthen policies, institutions, capacities and knowledge for integrated green LECRD, and to make use of the full range of financing mechanisms to support green LECRD investment. This guidance is provided through the development of  integrated strategies including Low-Emission Development Strategies (LEDS), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), and NCs, as well as Cross-Cutting Capacity Development (CCCD) initiatives which complement the Green LECRDS objective through strengthening institutional capacities to meet global environmental objectives, and mainstreaming global environmental priorities into national policies and decision-making, among other interventions
  • SP 2 – Advancing Cross-Sectoral Climate Resilient Livelihoods: supports climate resilient economic development and sustainable livelihoods, especially for vulnerable populations. UNDP provides assistance to country-led efforts on climate change risk management in the context of food security, water resources, coastal zone development, public health, and climate change-related disaster risks
  • SP 3 – Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Resilient Development (SP3): supports the development of climate information and Early Warning Systems (EWS) across a range of countries in Africa, Europe and CIS, Asia and the Pacific in order to help them respond to both short-term/rapid onset climatic hazards (e.g. cyclones, floods and storms), as well as long-term/slow onset hazards (e.g. drought and long-term climate change)

The Green LECRDS approach is being applied globally in 120 countries through more than 190 UNDP-supported initiatives.



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