Community-based Risk Screening tool-Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL)

Help project planners and managers integrate climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into community-level projects.

CRiSTAL is an assessment tool developed to assist community level project planners and managers in integrating climate risk reduction and adaptation strategies into development projects. It aims to highlight the links that exist between risks associated with climate change, livelihoods and community level projects. The tool itself is based on spreadsheets within the Microsoft Excel programme and is complemented by a step-by-step user guide. CRiSTAL is composed of the following four steps:

  1. the climate context of the community is established in order to assess anticipated climate hazards, the impacts of these hazards, and the coping strategies available
  2. the livelihood context of the community is evaluated with the purpose of highlighting livelihood resources, the impact of climate hazards on these resources, and a prioritised list of livelihood resources for adaptive strategy
  3. project activities are assessed in terms of their impact on livelihood resources that are most affected by hazards and/or important for adaptive capacity
  4. in light of analysis undertaken using the tool, projects are altered in order to enhance adaptive capacity and diminish climate vulnerability.

Although some scientific data is required at the outset, this tool is predominantly based on consultations with local communities and project stakeholders.

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Training is recommended, but is not compulsory
Training costs are variable. CRISTAL partners occasionally offer training workshops which are free to attend. Contact CRISTAL for details.
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Time needed:
1-4 days

Accessing the tool

CD Rom, Online: Available for download online and in CD-ROM format
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Adaptation assessment and process guidance tools

Aid adaptation decision processes; evaluate the tool's effectiveness and efficiency, including which policy cycle stage it can be used in.

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CRiSTAL: Mitigation 3, Adaptation 0, Development 3


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