Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA) CARE Handbook

Framework for analysing vulnerability and capacity to adapt to climate change at the community level.

This tool provides a framework for undertaking analyses of vulnerability and adaptive capacity at the community level. The handbook outlines the Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA) methodology, which was developed in order to facilitate the participation of community members in the analysis of the implications of climate change upon their lives and livelihoods. Scientific data and local knowledge is synthesised in order to build greater understanding of climate risks and adaptive strategies. The process aims to stimulate discussion within communities and develop links with other communities and stakeholders. Despite its community focus, the role of ‘enabling environments’ are also examined within the CVCA framework, to establish the implications of regional and national issues upon bottom-up adaptation strategies. This tool seeks to provide a base for the detection of practical strategies to assist with community-led adaptation to climate change.


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