Knowledge sharing for climate change adaptation in Africa

AfricaAdapt is a knowledge sharing network which focuses exclusively on Africa. This bilingual tool (English/French) aims to assist with the dissemination of knowledge relating to climate change adaptation for sustainable livelihoods. It was developed with the goal of providing stakeholders with a platform to facilitate learning, share resources and strengthen the community surrounding climate change adaptation in Africa. Though it is a website, AfricaAdapt also provides the following off-line services: radio-programming developed with community radio broadcasters across the continent, which is available in local languages; a mobile alert service, providing news updates to those without straight forward access to the internet; face-to-face meetings aimed at facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices; and a CD-ROM and paper-based distribution service for news and resources regarding the network. There is also an innovation fund which offers small grants for new approaches to knowledge sharing.


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No cost
Using the tool: No cost
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30 minutes to a few hours, depending on users needs

Accessing the tool

CD Rom, Online: Available online, but does offer some off-line services
English, French

ENDA-Tiers Monde
Dakar, Sénégal
Contact : Mamouda Moussa Na Abou

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
Accra, Ghana
Contact : Jacqueline Nnam

IGAD Climate Predection and Applications Centre (ICPAC)
Nairobi, Kenya
Contact : Abebe Tadege

Adaptation knowledge sharing tools

Share climate adaptation-specific knowledge increasingly through Web 2.0 functionality and user-generated content.

Area of focus
Adaptation 3, Mitigation 0, Development 1

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