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  • Ecosystem

    Includes all living organisms in an area as well as its physical environment functioning together as a unit

  • Emissions

    A substance, usually pollutant, emitted or discharged into the atmosphere.

  • Energy Data

    Facts, statistics or other information relating to various forms of energy, gathered through study and analysis.

  • Energy Demand

    Refers to the need for energy.

  • Energy model

    To develop energy predictions and generate sectoral and regional projections on various energy scenarios.

  • Energy price

    Price (money) for which energy is bought or sold.

  • Energy production

    Process of creating and manufacturing various types of energy, from sourcing to the sale of the end product.

  • Energy sector

    All the industries involved in the production and sale of energy.

  • Energy system

    Supply and demand of energy (both renewable and non-renewable) and the infrastructure needed to supply and use this energy.

  • Ethiopia
  • Evaluation of Policies

    Tracks, evaluates and monitors progress of selected and implemented policies.

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