How does the user guide work?

The user guide includes a number of features that will help you narrow down to the most suitable tools for your needs.

1. Interactive dashboard

Screenshot of the user guide dashboard

You can select key details that are considered important aspects of a tool. The options includes:

  • Does the tool focus on adaptation or mitigation?
  • Which policy cycle step am I working on?
  • What is the function of the tool?
  • Do I need to purchase the tool?
  • Will I require training to use the tool?
  • What language is the tool available in?

2. Tool overview

Each tool has a summarised overview, which presents the purpose, accessibility, affordability and contact information of the tool developer. Each tool overview can be downloaded and printed as a PDF file.

When you use the dashboard, you will be presented with a personalised selection of tools. You will also find a list of Additional tools, which may also meet your requirements (accessed via a URL link). 

3. Glossary

A list of complex terms and technical words have been briefly explained, as they can often create barriers to understanding.

4. Analytical report

The analytical report provides a background to the guide's development. To learn more about the project research and team's contact information, go to the Project background section. 

Personalised selection of tools

You have completed the quick tour. Use the criteria boxes on the dashboard to search for the tools that match your needs.